Central Heating

As with many things these days, there are a multitude of options available & decisions should be driven by your specific requirements & budget.

Your central heating will most likely consist of a boiler, radiators and/or underfloor heating along with associated time & temperature controls.

There are 3 main types of boilers:

  • Combi boilers
  • System boilers
  • Regular or ‘Heat Only’ boilers

Combi boilers provide heating to the radiators or underfloor heating as well as hot water, on demand, to the taps, showers & baths.

System & Regular boilers provide heating to the radiators or underfloor heating and also a hot water cylinder (vented or unvented).

What’s the difference between a System boiler & a Regular boiler?
A System boiler has the pump & expansion vessel incorporated within it (so these components are then covered under the manufacturer’s guarantee). The whole heating system is ‘sealed’ (as is a Combi boiler) which means that it operates at a slightly greater pressure & there is less risk of air accessing the system. (Air in the system will aid corrosion).

A Regular boiler is open vented which means that it utilises a small tank in your loft to fill the system with water & also to take up the expansion of all the water in the system.
Regular boilers are generally viewed as old fashioned, however, sometimes they are the best option depending on circumstances.

All new boilers are condensing boilers providing greater efficiency than the older non-condensing boilers.

Radiators come in many different designs, colours & heating outputs. When choosing radiators, it’s very important that the correct output is chosen for the given room to avoid disappointment – it might look great, but that’s no use if you can’t use the room!

There are also a vast array of options when considering Underfloor Heating (UFH).

The most important aspect is to have the specific UFH manufacturer provide the pipe designs along with the flow rates & flow temperatures required.

Time & temperature controls can be simple or advanced. It’s important that you select whichever solution suits your lifestyle. This means getting the correct advice.