Underfloor Heating (UFH)

UFH for the Whole House

If you’re thinking of fitting UFH throughout your house, it is extremely important to have the complete system designed professionally.

To ensure that the system functions as expected, the pipe sizing, spacing, flow temperatures & flow rates need to be designed with consideration made to the floor insulation, floor base & the finished floor covering (Wood? Vinyl? Tiles? Carpet?)

Eg. If the system is designed for a tiled floor and then you fit carpet instead, you may find that the room doesn’t heat to your comfort levels.

We are Polypipe Registered Engineers

PolyPipe have a proven track record of designing & supplying quality systems.


UFH for an Extension

One room ‘kits’ can be purchased to work along side your existing radiators (in the other rooms).

However, it’s important that these are installed correctly to provide separate control from the radiators

We recommend :