An unvented cylinder will deliver hot water at mains pressure, offering 3 main benefits:

     Balanced, mains pressure at all tap outlets
     No shower pumps required (so no noise)
     More space in loft (no cold water storage cistern required)

Whereas a traditional vented cylinder is supplied by the tank in your loft, the unvented hot water cylinder is supplied by the mains water entering the property which pushes the hot water out of the top of the cylinder, and onwards to your tap outlets.

Also known as a ‘pressured’ hot water system, unvented cylinders can only be installed, or worked on, by plumbers with the correct qualifications. Installed or maintained incorrectly, an unvented cylinder can be a dangerous addition to your house.

Always ensure that any tradesman working on your unvented system has the correct qualification.
(Ask to see his or her card).

We recommend Vaillant unvented cylinders and all our installations are registered with building control.