Smart, Connected Thermostats

These thermostats are connected to the internet & enable control from a mobile device.

Some can integrate with Amazon Alexa & wi-fi security cameras.

The smartest thermostats learn how long your property takes to heat up based on the outside temperature, delivering increased efficiency & convenience

Programmable Thermostats

These are much more efficient than standard controls.

With programmable thermostats different temperature settings are set for different times of the day.
Eg: when you go to bed the thermostat might be set to 15 degrees & then when you rise in the morning, the thermostat could be set for 20 degrees.

The system will use less energy raising the temperature of your home from 15 degrees to 20 degrees than it would if the controls had been switched off (as with a standard, traditional timer & thermostat)

With a Combi boiler, programmable thermostats are the most basic controls that we recommend.